April 19, 2019

Comics Bracket What If #1: Hellboy Special

This week, in our Right Hand of Doom Sized Special, we're diving into glorious Urban Fantasy Pulp by watching Every Hellboy. We'll start with a review of the Hellboy that came to theaters last week and is LEAVING theaters this week, if you need an indication of how well it's doing, and then diving into the rest after. We'll also dig into the use of tone and color, monster designs and metaphors, women being allowed to do things, our ongoing adulation of practical effects, and Troll in Central Park. We hope you enjoy. 



Hellboy (2019) (Spoilers) - 6:30

Comic - 24:44

Hellboy (2004) - 31:17

Sword of Storms/Blood and Iron - 39:00

Hellboy II: The Golden Army - 47:45


Dog Soldiers 2: Strays

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