Our last discussion before the exam, this week we have Mona Lisa Smile (2003) and School Ties (1992). Both of these film seem to be emotionally engaging and competently made. Who is responsible for that, and why are they not more well remembered? Listen to find out.

We have just a few more discussions before our final exam, this week we'll be focusing on Dead Poets Society (1989) and Wild Child (2008), and digging into the production history of the two films. Keep good notes class, you never know what information will be important later.

Glad you've all made it this week, this is our last class before we begin preparing for our final. Today's discussion explores Sky High (2005) and School Ties (1992) films that have more in common than you'd expect at a glance. Take good notes and stay until the bell otherwise you'll miss an important announcement.

Welcome back class, we're heading into a dissonant discussion this week with Mona Lisa Smile (2003) and Toy Soldiers (1991). These two films are working toward very different end-goals, and figuring out which was more successful is our focus. Let us know your thoughts. Remember, there are no wrong answers.

This week's discussion is about two films and their very different approaches to a similar story, being the new girl in school. Wild Child (2008) and St. Trinian's (2007) have so much in common we've adjusted our normal format to better highlight their differences. Only one of these films is going to make it to the semi-finals, which school has better prepared its students?

We covered 16 films so far this semester, now let's begin reviewing material for the final exam. Joining us to aid discussion is Mike Knoll, who will bring a fresh perspective to Dead Poets Society (1989) and She's the Man (2006). So get out your notes, it's going to be an illuminating experience.

As always you can find more from Mike at The Equelizers & A Study in Granada podcasts.

We've reached the end of our first round of course material class. After this we'll be diving deeper into previous topics. But let's focus on the films at hand, Class (1983) and School Ties (1992). Two very different takes on working class teens working to get to Harvard.

These film do touch on some sensitive topics, namely suicide, emotional abuse, antisemitism, and mental health crises, so please make an informed decision to engage,

Get ready students, we're covering some very disparate films this week. First we have campy superhero romp Sky High (2005). Then we have a dark gritty retooling of Shakespeare in O (2001). An odd pairing indeed. Listen up to see where this goes.

Welcome back class, this week we have some international students joining us. From France we have Madeline (1998) and from Columbia Toy Soldiers (1991). They couldn't be further apart, but the contrast is what makes our discussions interesting. Follow our discussion to find out which of these films will be invited back.

Not sure how many of you reading this are stuck in a time loop, but I hope this episode is at least able to fill some time for you. This week we're talking about Groundhog Day (1993) and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010), both about complicated ways to fix mistakes. Which of these is getting scrubbed from the timeline? Listen to find out.

And while you're at it give our friends over at the 3quelizers a listen too.

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