Welcome to another week of undeath for the Bride of Monster Bracket. This week we have our Samara Weaving Power Hour consisting of The Babysitter (2017) and Ready or Not (2019). We hope your ready for comedic amounts of blood.

Joining us this week is frequent guest Mike Knoll, who has covered Ready or Not previously on The Equelizers which you can check out here.

The spookiness continues from beyond the grave of Bride of Monster Bracket. This episode is the first of three Broodspawn covering some woman-lead horror films that we enjoy and want to share. First up is the brand new The Craft Legacy (2020) a sequel/reboot of the the 1996 classic.


Also as promised the trailer we talked about in our outro.

We've finally come to the final match of the Bride of Monster Bracket. It's Colossal (2016) vs Us (2019). Only one of them can become our Scream Queen. Do you dare listen to find out?

In our penultimate episode of the Bride of Monster Bracket we're digging into Us (2019) and Oculus (2013), along with Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) and The Haunting (1963). How did we get on a tangent about pro wrestling? You'll have to listen to find out.

As we enter round 2 of Bride of Monster Bracket, we've decided to resurrect a part of last year's Monster Bracket, classic companion films. So in addition to Colossal (2016) and Drag Me to Hell (2009), we also be talking about Attack of the 50 foot Woman (1958) and Tormented (1960). Twice the films, twice the chills.

Finishing off round 1 of our Bride of Monster Bracket are the classic Carrie (1976) and indie hit Oculus (2013). Only one of these redheaded horror films get to move on to the next round. Tune in to find out.

Welcome to October listeners. We continue our spooktacular Bride of Monster Bracket with Us (2019) and Jennifer's Body (2009). Only 10 years apart but probably the biggest tonal difference in the first round of this bracket. Listen in to find out which moves on to round 2.

For episode 2 of Bride of Monster Bracket we're looking at two films exploring the societal pressures and expectations placed on women, The Stepford Wives (2004) and Drag Me to Hell (2009). There's also robots and a lamia curse, so that's fun. Listen in to see which film moves on to round 2.

Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters, as we present the Bride of Monster Bracket. We'll be starting off our run of female-focused monster films with Alien (1979) and Colossal (2016). Only one will continue its reign of terror into round 2, tune in to find out which.

As our Bracket on a Boat finally comes to a close we wanted to highlight some fun swashbuckling films from our youth, Muppet Treasure Island (1996) and Hook (1991). Expect a nice pleasant discussion before we head into our next bracket.

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