We're only one episode away from our final, so let's see which monster movie will be our second contender, The Sixth Sense (1999) or The Witches of Eastwick (1987)? As with last episode you're getting 4 movies for the price of two, we're bringing in cinema precursors for ghost and witches in The Uninvited (1944) and Bell, Book and Candle (1958). We'll get into the very long history of ghosts in movies, the connections between witches and women's equality, and once again complain about ridiculous age differences in romance castings.

As we enter round 2 of the Monster Bracket we're expanding the scope of our discussion. Not only are we judging The Shape of Water (2017) vs The Mummy Returns (2001), we also bring in the films that inspired the monsters Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) and The Mummy (1932). This week we'll talk about abrupt endings, disability rep, artistic editing, and the evolution of these monsters in cinema. 

It's our our Susan Saranden Scare-a-thon! You know them, you love them, they're two fun, campy Halloween movies...or are they? We're watching Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) and Witches of Eastwick (1987), and we are concerned about issues of gender, consent, and cinematic storytelling choices.

TW: Misogyny, SA in the discussion.

Halloween is just around the corner, but before we get into October proper we've got another Creature Feature for you folks. This week's offerings are The Sixth Sense (1999) and Wolf (1994). You can expect us to talk about camera work establishing character, toxic masculinity, depictions of mental illness, and abandoned plot threads. Which or these movies sent shiver down our spines? Listen to find out.

This week brings us a contest between two classic horrors from beyond the grave, The Mummy Returns (1999) vs Interview with the Vampire (1994). Our discussion dives into white washing, complicated romantic relationships, interesting world building, and fumbled story beats. Which undead will come out ahead? Listen to find out.

Happy Friday the 13th listeners, we hope you're prepared for our latest project, The Monster Bracket. This week we start things of with The Exorcist (1973) and The Shape of Water (2017). Our exploration of monster starts off strong with discussion of cultural relevance and commentary, the skillful actors that bought these creatures to life, how to navigate shifts in PoV characters, as well as how not to. Enjoy getting into the holiday spirit folks, we'll be on this kick until Halloween.

This week we're giving the Sports Bracket a send-off in true Gratuitous Pausing fashion, a weird double feature. We have Speed Racer (2008) and A Knight's Tale (2001) and joining us to talk about them is frequent collaborator Mike Knoll. Get ready for Beyblade-esque car battles, musical historical anachronisms, and "pain...lots of pain" in this week's episode.

You can catch more of Mike's content at The Equelizers and A Study in Granada

The finals may be over but we still have more sports movies to talk about. Listen up for our first round of participation trophies featuring Balls of Fury (2007) and Men with Brooms (2002). These are some oddball sports, and our discussion this week matches We'll get into corpse humor, blow guns, Asian stereotypes, and the significance of beavers.

This is it, the finals of our Sports Bracket. Remember the Titans (2000) vs The Karate Kid (1984). To determine our winner we'll discuss the subtleties of these mentors, the symbolism of color, the childishness of adults, and somehow Pacific Rim (2013). Listen in to find out who will go home with the trophy, and who will go home with a slightly smaller trophy.

The penultimate match of our Sports Bracket. Which will move on to the final round, #2 seeded classic The Karate Kid (1984) or bracket dark horse Stick It (2006)? Both these film bring a lot to the table, impressive cinematography, compelling credible characters, and surprising use of monologue. Listen in to find out which film has a shot at the gold.

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